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Concours serial number records


Years ago when I joined or soon after I recall entering my C10's VIN / serial number.
At least once I looked it up on the forum because the dealer wanted an exact match before selling me a part.
I don't own that bike any more, it's gone on to a new adventure.
What happened to the serial number list?
If it still exists, can I and should I delete my number from it?
If I were to go shopping for a bike could I check VINs to see what their history is?
I know CarFax has that service for cars with some connection to dealers and repair shops.
No need to duplicate effort or further burden our volunteers, just asking.

Scary Harry

Fear is not boring. COG# 4090
In the olden days, I recall seeing a field for the VIN in the membership records. I believe it was to track all the C10s that were still out sporting around. I never entered mine.


Yes back in 06 or 7 when I joined the club there was a spot on the profile, I think, where
you could enter a vin #.


Former COG IT manager #10111
it was optional back when we used memberize, to my knowledge nothing was ever done with it.