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ECU Flash Christmas Sales

KC 61

Mini Bike
FYI, in case you didn't know both Ivan and Shoodaben are having Christmas sales on their ECU Flashe's. I will be sending mine off tomorrow.  >:D


Southeast Area Director
And if you already have one his flashes, upgrades are still only $75, btw -check out his site if you're interested.

KC 61

Mini Bike
Got my ECU back yesterday, bike still runs so I'm happy. NO seat time yet, cold as balls here and snow on the way

Tim R

Staff member
Octane    it's all about the altitude. 6000 ft doesn't need the same octane as sea level. When traveling I pump the best I can get and don't worry about it. But will admit the -09 seems to run better on pure premium which around here is 92.

I own a 1942 John Deere D which probably would run on 40 octane.

That all said be careful not to do a review here. There is a review board for that.