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Guy & Mae’s Tavern RTE Faux Pas


Hope you made it to this ride. Between buying a house and a critical work emergency that pulled me back up to Omaha, this slid completely off my radar.

I close on my Home Aug 30 and on vacation till Sept 15. Hopefully I'll be at a point to make it to the Spider Ride which I encourage anyone who has not made it to this event to do so. It is a fun well put together event.

This is the next RTE.
I'll make sure to stay on top of this one because it's a great ride to 2 stops. Arrive hungry!!

Sept 23
-Sunrise Cantina - Sunrise Beach MO   (This is the Famous meet in the middle with the St Louis and SC Folks)  coupled with a ride to Peach Float (Scott’s General Store)- Iconium MO Last year we did an October Mulligan due to the excessive heat in July. Figured there may be folks not attending National Rally so this is a good opportunity to meet Rally folks on their way home. Setting 2 dates for this ride--
264 Sunset Hills Dr, Sunrise Beach, MO 65079
(573) 374-8185