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JMCB-2003 Handlebar CB radio


Mini Bike
Hello all,
For sale is my J&M CB radio. The unit itself has been on the bike for 2 seasons (old one was damaged and I had to get new one from J&M). The power filter, antenna, license plate bracket and wires are few years older than that. Doesn't come with the headset, but if you want, for few extra bucks I can throw in the 2 piece cable that connects the unit to the helmet (for J&M Elite series headset). Also includes mounting bracket and hardware that works with C10.
Selling because I've just bought a new helmet and decided to "cut the wire" and got a Cardo unit instead.
One thing I have to disclose - the wire harness that came with the CB was for rider+passenger, but the wire to the passenger connector was so long and bulky, and I don't ride with passenger. So I cut and sealed it (red circle on photo). If you plan to use this unit for passenger communication you would need to solder it back (I saved the cut piece).
A new set like that runs for well over $400. I'm asking $230 $200 shipped to lower 48 (+$20 if you want the helmet cable too).


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FYI - I bought one about 2 months ago or I would be all over this deal. The CB can be run through a Sena SR10 (my choice) or Freewire to go to your Bluetooth headset without a wired headset.