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MPG competition: Actually not "racing"


Are there any MPG / economy competitions any more?  Once in a while I come across a solar powered car race or a see an article about a tech school project but I haven't heard of any rallies or whatever where economy was a goal and a prize winner.  I recall from the 70's a story of an mpg competion that was won by a guy who wrote "sports 2 seater" on his entry and it turned out to be a diesel cement truck ( details likely getting murky with age).
I am thinking a reasonable contest for a bike rally would be about 150 miles in one direction only, from designated filling station to designated filling station.  Rider's choice of route and speed (the shortest fastest route being obvious, hopefully) but keep it nominally legal, and try to top off each tank the same way before & after to measure the fuel.
USA is predicting good things for energy over the next decades but there's always a choice between ways of getting from place to place.  At least until self driving rentals take over.


Electrics would beat all comes these days.
Zero I believe advertises they can do that range.


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I just picked up a 300 ninja and will compete in the 2018 challenge at Mid-Ohio .

Don't think I can come close to the full streamlined bikes but it will be fun to see what it will do.

FYI,  a 250 ninja won at 235 MPG  . it beat the electric bikes as well....


That event is what I had in mind, though an eye opener for me.  235 MPG on a 250 cc bike?  Wow!