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New Swithchback 2's are coming


Street Cruiser
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I have been back to the drawing board, And added running lights to the rear turn signals as well.
First test parts are ready, and will be installed on my bike in the next day or so, with a Video as well.

Original Switchback owners will be able to upgrade as well, it will be a replacement rear harness for the rear.

More info coming soon!


Any update on these as well as holiday specials? Has the pandemic caused a shortage of LEDs or time? ;) Kidding aside, would love to see and hear how the new version is. Typical Seattle rainy dark cold times give me a reason to some upgrades in addition to cleaning or maintenance.


Hi. Can’t find anything on the rear lights upgrade. Operator error I’m sure though. If they are ready I’m wanting the rear lights upgrade.
Back a while you sent me bulbs for what I thought was a bad bulb. Turned out to be the socket, which you sent me one of them also. I returned the bulbs. I hope I sent to the correct location and you received them back.