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Race Tech just keeps on giving


Race Tech, a sponsor of the 2015 National in Cortez Co, contacted me and is still offering discounts to COG good through the end of 12/15 on all of their products and services. The PDF file is to big to post so PM me with your email addy and I will forward to you the flyer. Matt Wiley did a great job at the National helping riders solve some of their suspension problems. They offer upgrades for all bikes. I use their emulators in my KLR and love them. Support those that support us!


Sailor_chic said:
Of course this was posted a week after I made my suspension upgrade purchase.

well Nichole... shoot him an email and explain that, as I'm sure he made agreements prior to the nats, maybe you'd get a rebate.

best of luck,  :great: :beerchug: