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Sargent World Performance Seat, Regular Height - No Longer Available


I have a Sargent World Performance seat that I am going to sell. I love the way it looks on the bike, and find it is comfortable for a couple of hours.

But I have a different seat that I use more, so am passing this on to someone who is looking for one.

Condition is lightly-used, nearly new. It snaps right in to the factory lock, and unlocks with the stove key. Fits years 2008-on per Sargent.
There is a handy document compartment in the bottom. There are a couple of small white (paint?) flecks that I haven't been able to remove.
$300 plus your choice of shipping from Santa Cruz CA.
Thanks, Gary


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Gary, this looks like it's in decent enough shape. I think the problem you may be running into here is that most of the Sargents have been explored ad nauseam and folks have been giving a 2 to 3 stars out of 5 on these saddles. Two suggestions:
1) try the FB resale and GTR1400 or ZG forums (if you haven't already);
2) drop the price like you're trying to get rid of it, as my sense is that the desirability of this only begins to grow at a much lower price point... maybe as a backup bench or a temporary replacement for a ripped OEM.
I've been waiting on selecting a replacement seat for a year and half for my '21. I wasn't willing to pay $600 for the OEM Touring seat after I saw it. Wasn't that big of an improvement over stock. And the Sargents I've seen have been uncomfortable for long trips. So if the price tag on a one-and-done touring sofa seat is going to get up into the big bucks I'm going to finally break down and stop being such a miser... will get momma to give her blessing on me ordering the RDL (Russell Day Long) as a "safety device". "It'll reduce fatigue" will be my sale pitch to her. LOL

Hope you have good luck selling this amigo and can feel good that someone got a good value while you at least got a few bucks back on it.
Thanks for the suggestions - I'll look into those other venues. It's not long distance seat, but it works well for shorter rides and looks great doing it. After re-dressing it and putting it back on the bike for pictures, I like the way it looks so much I may keep it.

Re "OEM Touring seat ...Wasn't that big of an improvement over stock."
I disagree.

I've had two C14s and the stock seats on both were a disappointing design. I've had the OEM Touring Seat and it is quite a different thing. It's shaped, contoured, padded and covered differently. It's good for all day, every day. Kawasaki should have included it as the stock item.

I just got back from the 4 day Sierra Sidewinder ride and the Touring seat was great for me. My problem was lack of highway pegs to stretch the legs out w/o stopping.

In spite of that, I'm going to sell the Touring seat also, because it is a bit thicker, and makes distance to the ground more than I like. I've tried lowering links, but prefer keeping the stockl ground clearance, so am going to look into getting a custom seat done to my liking.

If you have any interest in the the Touring seat, let me know. I'll probably post it soon.