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Slew of awesome goodies for sale


Traded in my 2014 and striped off all my goodies. So I have some awesome items for sale that would enhance any C14 out there. All items listed does not include shipping. My location is north of Tulsa, 74055 zip code. Items are posted on other sites. I will probably find other items and update this post. Local pickups are always welcome. PayPal is preferred.

Russell Day Long - $425 *** SOLD ***
Bought in spring of 2018 and used about 2.5 seasons, approximately 10,000 miles. Build is for under 230 pounds, 32" inseam solo build. Awesome saddle, many days riding tank to tank. It does raise the seat height over a stock saddle.

Sargent Standard Seat - $350 *** SOLD ***
This saddle was purchased this past summer. Less than 500 miles on this saddle. I could get my feet down with this and used for day rides Literally like new.

Service Shop Manual - $75
Bought new when I bought the 2014 C14. It's been my shop bible

Traxxion Dynamics AK20's fork cartridges and Penske 8983 - Purchased in late May of 2018. - $1250 *** SOLD ***
Installed Mid June of 2018 and have basically two seasons. This year I didn’t really ride much, maybe 2500 miles. I suspect the shock is ready for a refresh. The spring rate was 210-225 (iirc). If your weight is outside of this range, the spring can be set to your weight.

Carbon Fiber front Fender from Bestem - $125 - *** SOLD ***
Bought a few months ago. Includes the fender extender.

Bar Risers - 2" - $50
Not marked but I think they are Heli's

Pathfinder LED headlights - $60 *** SOLD ***
Purchased last season, light output is amazing.

Left Side bag outer shell - $75
Bought off ebay to correct a driveway drop. Painted it to match but the primer reacted weird and never cured. Stripped down to base material, corrected some imperfections and repainted Kawasaki silver. There are still a few blemishes.

Radiator Grill cover - $50 *** SOLD ***
Bought new and never used.

Givi Wind Screen - $75 *** SOLD ***
This was my favorite wind screen. Used in the summer months, very good condition.

National Cycle V-Stream Wind Screen - $75
Used this as my winter wind screen. Also very good condition


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More pictures


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Yet more pictures


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