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Staff member
Tire prices are current as of today.  Sizes are for my bike, not a Connie but it should give you a good idea.  Note, one of the rebates expires in 9 days.



Crotch Rocket
Forum Subscriber
Good INfo!
Thanks Daboo.

I put a Dunlop RS3 about 1000 miles ago, and like them so far.
the edges get good and sticky on the RS3 after a spirited jaunt through the twisties.

Not an extreme difference in handling characteristics between these and the Angel GT's for me, but time will tell.

I have been playing with tire pressures, and have gone as low as 36 front and rear.



Big Wheel
Forum Subscriber
I wonder what the manufacture date is on the tires.  Sometimes they are deeply discounted due to being borderline old. Should check before buying.... 


I just got Front & Rear Road Smart 2's for my C14 from Rocky Mountain Atv for $175. 24 Delivered